Hanson Backs Responsible Budget that Invests in Education, Public Safety

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Emphasizing the need to responsibly prioritize resources on the issues families are concerned about, state Rep. Matt Hanson, D-Aurora, backed a compassionate and responsible budget that fully funds support for classrooms, local police departments and lifesaving health care residents depend on.

“The budget is an opportunity for us to outline our priorities, and the plan we’re implementing reflects the feedback I’ve heard from residents,” Hanson said. “It recognizes that public safety requires a comprehensive approach by helping community organizations, as well as ensuring our first responders have the resources they need to do their job safely and effectively. Let’s also continue to properly invest in our schools so that every child has an opportunity to unlock their full potential.”

The budget plan Hanson supported includes a $350 million increase for schools, as well as millions more toward childcare, early child education and the governor’s Smart Start Illinois initiative which aims to eliminate early childcare deserts. Universities and community colleges will see an increase in state support, and higher education grants, including the Monetary Award Program, will receive additional funding to help more people pursue a degree. Another $100 million is being directed toward first responders, while an additional $138 million is going to the state’s rainy-day fund to create flexibility and prepare for future challenges.

As part of his first session in the General Assembly, Hanson passed legislation that helps workers receive the prevailing wage they are owed (House Bill 3491), enables inmates returning to society to better access local reentry programs (House Bill 3755), expands consumer protections by updating disclosure requirements related to auto-renewing contracts (Senate Bill 328), helps motorcycles be more visible at night with expanded lighting options (Senate Bill 896), and prioritizes veteran and minority-owned businesses to purchase surplus state property before offering to the public (Senate Bill 1935).

“This has been a productive and engaging session, but a lot of work remains to address the issues facing families across our community,” Hanson said. “I’m looking forward to engaging residents and local stakeholders from across our area this summer.